1st International Symposium on Profiling, 2nd - 4th September 2013
Tuesday 01st of May 2018

Scientific Program

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Posters and extended abstracts will be published with no cost in the open Journal JIOMCS (www.jiomics.com). DOI number will be assigned for each one.  In addition the best posters and extended abstract will be awarded. Method of election: by voting of the conference participants.

Conference Timetable (soon available)

Monday and Wednesday: 8:30-9 poster session. 9-12 and 14-17 plenary conferences and talks
Tuesday: 8:30-9poster session. 9-12 plenary conference and talks. 


Harald Mischak, PhD
Mellendorfer diagnostics, Germany and University of Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Subject: Urinary proteomics: from discovery to routine clinical application

Makoto Suematsu, PhD
Dean. Professor of Biochemistry. School of Medicine. Keio University. Japan
Subject: On-tissue profiling of metabolic fluxes in human cancer xenografts in vivo by semi-quantitative imaging mass spectrometry.

J. L. Capelo, PhD
Chemistry Department. New University of Lisbon. Caparica. Portugal.
Subject: Ultrasonic-Assisted sample treatment for  Imaging Mass Spectrometry-based profiling of tissues

Antonia Vlahoua, PhD
Bioacademy. Athens. Greece
Subject: Pending of Confirmation

Florentino Fdez-Riverola, PhD
Informatics Department. Faculty of Informatics. University of Vigo at Ourense Campus. Spain.
Subject: Pending of Confirmation

Carlos Lodeiro, PhD
Chemistry Department. New University of Lisbon. Caparica. Portugal.
Subject: Nanoprofiling

Wiliam laFramboise, PhD
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. USA.
Subject: Advancements in Genomic Profiling Applied to Cancer Diagnostics

Francisco Amado, PhD
Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal.
Subject: Pending of Confirmation

Deborah Penque, PhD
National Health Institute Dr. Ricardo Jorge. Lisbon. Portugal.
Subject: Pending of Confirmation

Maria Minunni, PhD
University of Firenze. Italy.
Subject: Biomimetic-based sensors for molecular diagnostic

Zsolt Ablonczy, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina. South Carolina. USA.
Subject: The mass fingerprints of lipofuscin and A2E match in the mouse but not in the human RPE.

Peter Horvatovich
University of Groningen. The Netherlands.
Subject: msCompare: framework quantitative processing and assessment of LC-MS data

Regina Duarte, PhD
CESAM. Department of Chemistry. University of Aveiro. Portugal.
Subject: Comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography in environmental research: a key step for decoding complex biogenic organic mixtures.

Aalim Weije, PhD
University of Calgary, Canada.
Subject: Pending of Confirmation.

Bern Thiede, PhD
University of Oslo. Norway.
Subject: Consolidation of proteomics profiling data.

Peter Harrinton, PhD
University of Ohio. USA
Subject: Chemometrics applied to authenticating nutraceuticals.

Giovanna Marrazza, PhD
Department of Chemistry "Ugo Schiff". University of Firenze. Italy.
Subject: Smart affinity biosensors as diagnostic tools for clinical analysis.

Gabriela Almeida, PhD
Department of Chemistry. New University of Lisbon. Portugal
Subject: Pending of confirmation

Alexander A. Tokmakov, PhD
Research Center for Environmental Genomics. Kobe University. Nada Kobe. Japan.
Subject: Gene Expression profiling in single Xenopus oocytes and eggs.

Kamalesh Gadapayale, PhD
Scholar Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. RTM Nagpur University India.
Subject: Impurity Profiling on Antiretroviral Drugs

Alfred Christy, PhD
Department of Science. University of Agder. Norway.
Subject: Profiling in fatty acid analysis in thermally treated triolein and trilinolein

Vladimir Havlicek, PhD
Laboratory of molecular structural characterization. Prague. Czech Republic.
Subject: Microbial Profiling

Susana Cristobal, PhD
Linköping University. Sweeden.
Subject: pending of confirmation.

Larik Turko, PhD
National Institutte of Standards and technology. Gaithersburg. USA.
Subject: Multiple reaction Monitorig Mass spectrometry for Quantitative profililng of proteins isoforms

Olivia Pereira, PhD
Minho University. Portugal.
Subject: pending of confirmation

Ricardo Flamini, PhD
Centro di Ricerca per la Viticoltura. Italy.
Subject: Metabolomics of the grape.

Maria Walczak, PhD
Jagiellonian Centre for Experimental Therapeutics. Cracow. Poland.
Subject: Application of a high-resolution mass spectrometry for identification and quantification of endothelium biomarkers

Isabel Ferreira, PhD
Instituto Politécnico de Bragança. Portugal
Subject: Chemical and bioactivity profiling in wild edible mushrooms.

Pei Chen, PhD
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, Food Composition and Methods Development Laboratory, Beltsville, MD, US.
Subject: Untargeted metabolomic profiling of American and Asian Black Cohosh Species

Roberto Geremia, PhD
University of Grenoble. France.
Subject: profiling of soil micro-organisms in alpine tundra

Grzegorz Bazylak, PhD
Nicolaus Copernicus University. Poland.
Subject: Trace element profiling of uni- and multifloral honeys by ICP-MS

Susanne P. Boyle, PhD
School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. Robert Gordon University. Aberdeen. Scotland. UK.
Subject: Profiling of fatty acids and indices of oxidative stress in first episode psychosis.

Cristina Dias-Cabral, PhD
University of Beira Interior. Portugal.
Subject: pnding of confirmation

Jean-Luc Wolfender, PhD
University of Geneve. Switzerland.
Subject: Latest development for the profiling and dereplication of on natural products: evolution or revolution.

Dajana Vuckovic, PhD
Concordia University. Canada.
Subject: pending of confirmation.

Abdolali Moshfe, PhD
Cellular & Molecular Research Center, Yasuj University of Medical Sciences. Yasuj, Iran.
Subject: Diagnosis of Trichomonas vaginalies infection by Polymerase Chain Reaction in Urine Samples.

Jason L. Burkhead, PhD
Department of Biological sciences. University of Alaska Anchorage. USA.
Subject: pending of Confirmation.

David Sheehan, PhD
School of Life Sciences. University College Cork. Ireland.
Subject: Redox profiling in monitoring of oxidative stress: Studies with non-model organisms

Yoshinobu Baba, PhD
Department of Applied Chemistry. Nagoya University. Japan.
Subject: Nanobiosensing for Molecular Diagnosis and in vivo Imaging for Biomedical Profiling

Tadeusz Hryniewicz, PhD
Subject: pending of confirmation.

Huang Canchua, PhD
The State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy. Sichuan University. China.
Subject: Proteomics analysis of the metabolic and oxidative stresses in virus-induced carcinogeneisis

Luisa Brito, PhD
Instituto Superior de Agronomia. Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. Portugal.
subject: Listeria monocytogenes exoproteomes: the differences between similar

Antje Pottasht, PhD
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. Vienna. Austria.
Subject: Profiling of biopolymers

Nerea Bordel, PhD
University of Oviedo. Spain.
Subject: Pending of confirmation

Silas G. Villas-Boas, PhD
School of Biological sciences. The University of Auckland. New Zeeland.
Subject: pending of Confirmation.

Saskia van Ruth, PhD
Wageningen University and research Centre. The Netherlands.
Subject: Advances in analytical profiling in food authetication

Yeng Zhangfeng, PhD
Molecular Oncology Laboratory. Second Millitary Medical University. Shangai. China.
Subject: pending of Confirmation.

Serhiy souchelnitskiy, PhD
Department of Oncology-Pathology. Karolinska institutet. Stockholm. Sweeden.
Subject: Proteome profiling for personalized cancer medicine - results, successes and challenges.

Sivabharathy Madasamy, PhD
Sethu Institute Of Technology. Tamilnadu. india.
Subject: pending of confirmation.
Zsolt Ablonczy, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina. USA.
Subject: High resolution profiling of retinoids and lipids in the human eye

Frank Rosenzweig, PhD
University of Montana. USA
Subject: Expression profiling as a window on adaptive evolution in bacteria and yeast.

Albin Hermeter, PhD
Institute of Biochemistry. Graz University of Technology. Austria.
Subject: Differential activity-based profiling of lipases and their inhibitors.

Nadia Mullinacci, PhD
Multidisciplinary Centre of Research on Food Sciences. Florence. Italy.
Subject: pending of confirmation

Isabelle Fournier, PhD
Université Lille Nord de France-Université Lille 1. France.
Subject: Protein identification in MALDI MS imaging to unravel physiopathological processes

Susanne Neupert, PhD
Subject: Profiling of peptides and metabolites from single cells.

Robert Plumb, PhD
Imperial College. United Kingdom.
Subject: The application of LC/MS for Molecular Phenotyping

Kay Ohlendieck, PhD
Department of Biology. National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Ireland.
Subject: Proteomics profiling of neuromuscular diseases.

David Beale, PhD
CSIRO Land & Water. Australia.
Subject: Metabolic profiling of pipe biofilm: Metabolomic analysis of water supply infrastructure.

Jan Schripsema, PhD
Grupo Metabolômica. Universidade Estadual do Norte Flaminense. Brasil
Subject: Profiling in plant metabolomics and food science

Dirk Haller, PhD
Research centre for food nutrition and food science. Techical Univeristy of Munich. Germany.
Subject: Profiling in Biomedicine – Maternal inflammation and transcriptional fingerprints in the fetal epithelium.

Gerald Remaud, PhD
Leader of the EBSI team. CEISAM. University of Nantes. France.
Subject: Intramolecular Isotope profiling: the future direction for sotopomic analysis.

Madasamy Sivabharathy, PhD
Sethu Institute of Technology. Tamilnadu. India.
Subject: Fourth generation reactor materials.

Michele Bouchard, PhD
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health. University of Montreal. Quebec. Canada.
Subject: Concentration profiles of chemical contaminants and their metabolites in humans.

Gerlad Remaus, PhD
EBSI team. CEISAM, University of Nantes, France.
Subject: Pending of confirmation.

Mario Klimacek, PhD
Institute of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, Graz University of Technology, Petersgasse. Austria.
Subject: quantitative metabolomics and its application in the design of microbial cell factories.

Mónica Roxo-Rosa, PhD
Center for biodiversity, functional and integrative genomics. Faculdade de Ciencias. Universidade de Lisboa.
Subject: helicobacter pylori-associated dyspepsia: study of the virulence of paediatric strains by proteomics

José A. Fernández, PhD
Basque Country. Spain.
Subject: Imaging mass spectrometry of lipids in tumors.

Olgica Trencevska, PhD
Molecular Biomarkers. The Biodesign Institute. Arizona State University. Tempe. USA.
Subject: An insight into the application of mass spectrometry immunoassay in quantitative protein profiling.

Jolon Dyer, PhD
Food & Bio-based Products group at AgResearch. New Zeeland.
Subject: pending of confirmation.

José Câmara, PhD
Madeira Chemistry Reseacrh Centre. University of Madeira. Portugal
Subject: Metabolomics

Donatella Capitani, PhD
Instituto di metodologie Chimiche. CNR Area de la richerca di Roma. Italy.
Subject: Metabolic Profiling of food by NMR

Ye Fang, PhD
Corning Incorporated. USA.
Subject: Label-free whole cell phenotypic profiling of drugs

Ruth Birner-Grünberger, PhD
Institut fuer Pathologie-Functioal proteomics research group. Austria.
Subject: Functional proteomic profiling of lipid metabolism

Michael Glocker, PhD
Proteome Center Rostock. Rostock. Germany.
Subject: Pending of confirmation.

Ilda Caldeira, PhD
Instituto Nacional de Investigaçao agrária e Veterinária. Dois Portos. Portugal.
Subject: Sensory profile of aged wine brandies: the role of barrel characteristics and their relationship with chemical composition

Thomas Walther, PhD
Kroto Centre for High-Resolution Imaging and  Spectroscopy. University of Sheffield
Subject: Nanoparticle characterisation by TEM: chemical identification and local spectroscopy, mapping and detection limits

Pier Giorgio Righetti, PhD
Department of Chemistry. Materials and Chemical Engineering “Giulio Natta”. Politecnico di Milano. Italy
Subject: Mark Twain: how to fathom the depth of your pet proteome

Donatella Capitali, PhD
Istituto di Metodologie Chimiche. CNR Research Area of Rome 1. Italy
Subject: Metabolic Profiling of food by NMR

Jana Saw, PhD
Pediatric Infectious Diseases. SUNY Upstate Medical University. USA
Subject: Genetic profiling in clinical S.aureus isolates.

Federica Pellati, PhD
Department of life sciences. University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Italy.
Subject: Chromatographic methods for metabolite fingerprinting of biologically active natural products

Karel lemr, PhD
Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Palacky University. Olomouc. Czech Republic.
Subject: Desorption nanoelectrospray as an analytical tool for screening of drugs and toxins

Moncef Mrabet, PhD
Laboratory of Legumes. Hammam-Lif, Tunisia.
Subject: bacterial proteomic profiling under environmental constraints

Haythem Mhadhbi, PhD
Laboratory of Legumes. Hammam-Lif, Tunisia.
Subject: plant genomic profiling under abiotic stresses.

Nimal Punyasiri, PhD
Tea Research Insitute of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka
Subject: Chemodiversity of Sri Lankan tea germplasm: preliminary quantificatin of major metabolites in tea accessions by high performance liquid chromatography.

Ralph Fingerhut, PhD
Subject: Metabolic Profiling in Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Anunciacion Lafuente, PhD
Campus de Ourense. Universidad de Vigo. Spain.
Subject: Pending of confirmation.

José Carlos Marques, PhD
University of Madeira. Madeira. Portugal.
Subject: Forced Aged Profiling Studies on Fortified Wines.

Helena Florindo, PhD
IMED.UL. Nanomedicine and drug delivery systems (NanoDDS)
Subject: Development of dendritic cell-targeted peptide vaccine against melanoma by multifunctional nanoparticles

Christiane Kruse Faeste, PhD
Norwegian Veterinary Institute in the Section for Chemistry and Toxicology. Norway.
Subject: Determination of potential novel food allergens by profiling sera and sources.

Alexandra Paulo, PhD
Research Institute for Medicines and Pharmaceutical Sciences. University of Lisbon. Lisbon. Portugal.
Subject: DNA G-quadruplex stabilizing profile of an indoloquinoline library.

Fernando Martins, PhD
DEQ/FEUP. Portugal.
Subject: Modelling Issues Concerning Contaminant Problems in Drinking Water Distribution Systems.

Alda Moreira da Silva, PhD
Physical chemistry Research Unit. University of Coimbra. Portugal.
Subject: Cyclodextrins and Food Systems studied by PALS and/or Raman Spectroscopy.

Maria Lourdes Gómez Gómez, PhD
Pharmacy/Botanic Institute. UCLM. Albacete. Spain.
Subject: Metabolic profilling in saffron.

Jorge Verdu Andres, PhD
Departament de Química Analítica. Facultat de Química (Bloc E). Universitat de València. Spain.
Subject: Profiling in environmental Analysis.

Javier Márquez, PhD
Universidad de Málaga. Spain.
Subject: Profiling of Human Glioblastome cells by SELDI-TOF.

Antonio Amorim, PhD
Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular da Universidade do Porto (IPATIMUP), Portugal
Subject: Profiling in Forensic Genetics.

Martine Morzel, PhD
INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research). France.
Subject: Diet-induced modifications of salivary profiles in Human subjects.

Monika Pischetsrieder, PhD
University of Erlangen. Germany.
Subject: Profiling of native peptides in milk.

Marcela Segundo, PhD
Faculty of sciences. porto. Portugal.
Subject: Pending of Confirmation.

Alejandro Samham Arias, PhD
Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Genetics. University of Extremadura. Spain.
Subject: Profiling of lipids or lipidomics analysis by thin-layer chromatography combined with mass spectrometry.

Alexandra R. Fernandes, PhD
Centro de Química Estrutural. Instituto Superior Técnico and Departamento Ciências da Vida. Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia. UNL.
Subject: New promissing compounds in cancer therapy: what can we learn from proteomics

John Luck, PhD
The University of Hong Kong. China.
Subject: Proteomic and Molecular Profiling of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

G. Nassa, PhD
Laboratory of Molecular Medicine and Genomics. University of Salerno. Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. Italy.
Subject: hormone-responsive breast cancer cell proteomics.

Corina Henkel, PhD
Quantitative proteomics.  Medizinisches Proteom-Center. Ruhr-University Bochum. Germany.
Subject: Peptide imaging: what is the best operation procedure?

Susan Müller, PhD
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweiltforschung Gmbh-UFZ. Department Umweltmikrobiologie. AG Flow Cytometry. Leipzig. Germany.
Subject: Monitoring functions in managed microbial systems by cytometric bar coding

Michel Salzet, PhD
Subject: Pending of confirmation

Peter Nilson, PhD
Biobank Profiling. Affinity Proteomics. Royal Institute of technology. Stockholm.
Subject: Antigen and Antibody Based Proteomic Profiling of Plasma and CSF.

Ira S. Lurie, PhD
Special Testing and Research Laboratory. Drug Enforcement Administration. U.S. Department of Justice. Dulles Summit Court. Dulles. USA.
Subject: Profiling of heroin using ultra high pressure liquid chromatography and best fit analysis

Bernd Mayer, PhD
Emergentec biodevelopment GmbH, Vienna; University of Vienna, Australia.
Subject:  Integrating profiling data for biomarker discovery.

Michelle M Hill, PhD
The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.
Subject:  Targeted glycoproteomic profiling for biomarker discovery

M. Concepción García López, PhD
Department of Chemistry I (Analytical Chemistry), Faculty of Biology, Environmental Sciences and Chemistry, University of Alcalá, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) Spain
Subject: Not provided yet

Violeta García Hernández, PhD Student
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Salamanca, Spain
Subject: Proteomic and phosphoproteomic profiling of the pancreas during the early development of experimental pancreatitis

PhD and MSc Students

Professor Isabel Ferreira´s team
Lillian Barros; João C.M. Barreira; Ricardo C. Calhelha; Sandrina A. Heleno; Cristina Rafaela Guimarães; Ângela F. Fernandes; Maria Inês Dias; Filipa S. Reis; Márcio Carocho; Eliana Pereira.

Institution: Centro de Investigação de Montanha. Escola Superior Agrária, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança. Campus de Santa Apolónia. Bragança. Portugal.

Phenolic composition and biological properties of flowers of wild Cytisus scoparius and Cytisus striatus

Lillian Barros, Carla Pereira, Montserrat Dueñas, Ana Maria Carvalho, Celestino santos Buelga, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira

Optimized chromatographic analysis of ergosterol in wild and cultivated mushrooms

João C.M. Barreira, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira

Synthesis of acetylated glucuronide derivatives of p-hydroxybenzoic and cinnamic acids, two compounds commonly found in wild mushrooms

Sandrina A. Heleno, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira, Anabela Martins, Ana P. Esteves, Maria-João R.P. Queiroz

Phenolic profile of wild Achillea millefolium obtained by HPLC-DAD/ESI-MS

Maria Inês Dias, Lillian Barros, Montserrat Dueñas, Ana Maria Carvalho, Celestino-Santos Buelga, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira

Phenolic profile of Arbutus unedo and Prunus spinosa wild fruits
Rafaela Guimarães, Lillian Barros, Montserrat Dueñas, Ana Maria Carvalho, Maria João R.P. Queiroz, Celestino Santos-Buelga, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira

Chemical profile of Macrolepiota procera wild mushroom submitted to different processing technologies

Ângela Fernandes, Amilcar L. Antonio, M. Beatriz P.P. Oliveira, Anabela Martins, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira.

Effects of gamma irradiation in Castanea sativa tocopherols profile:  study extended to four different chestnut varieties

Márcio Carocho, Amilcar L. Antonio, João C.M. Barreira, M. Luisa Botelho, Albino Bento, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira

Bioactive molecules profile of two Lactarius species from Serbia

Filipa S. Reis, Dejan Stojković, Marina Soković, Jasmina Glamočlij, Lillian Barros, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira

Hydrophilic and lipophilic compounds in Arenaria montana and Chenopodium ambrosioides and bioactivity of their infusions and methanolic extracts

Eliana Pereira, Ricardo C. Calhelha, Lillian Barros, Ana Maria Carvalho, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira

Epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitory activity of new potential antitumor di(hetero)arylethers and di(hetero)arylamines in the thieno[3,2-b]pyridine series

Ricardo C. Calhelha, Daniela Peixoto, Pedro Soares, Isabel C.F.R. Ferreira, Rui M.V. Abreu, Maria João R.P. Queiroz.

Poster presentations

Nariaki Fujimoto

RIRBM, Hiroshima University, Japan.

Subject: Profiling of thyroid hormone related gene expression to access the neonatal effects of endocrine disruptors

Conference Subjects

  • Proteomics and Biomedicine

Dr. Harald Mischak, Mellendorfer diagnostics - Germany and University of Glasgow - United Kingdom

Dr. William LaFramboise, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine - USA

Dr. Garry Corthals , Turku Centre for Biotechnology - Finland

  • Environmental Profiling

Dr. Susana Cristobal, Linköping University - Sweeden.

Dr. Mario Diniz, University Nova of Lisbon, Caparica -  Portugal

Dr. Isabel Peres, Departamento de Ambiente, Faculty of Science and Technology, University Nova of Lisbon, Caparica - Portugal.

  • Food Science
Dr. Daskia van Ruth. RIKILT Wageningen University and Reseach Centre. The Netherlands

Dr. Jean-Luc Wolfender. Section des Sciences Pharmaceutiques. Université de Genève.
  • Genomics

Dr. Pedro Baptista, University Nova of Lisbon, Caparica -  Portugal

Dr. Gilberto Igrejas - Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Vila Real, Portugal

  • Statistics and Informatics

Dr. Florentino Fdez-Riverola, University of Vigo - Spain

  • Technological Advances

Dr. Carlos Lodeiro, University Nova of Lisbon, Caparica -  Portugal

Dr. Jose Luís Capelo-Martínez, University Nova of Lisbon, Caparica -  Portugal

  • Sample Treatment

Dr. Antonia Vlahou, Bioacademy, Athens - Greece
Dr. H. M. Santos, University Nova of Lisbon, Caparica -  Portugal




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